Last update 6/26/2022

Here is the May June Pacer!

ARRC 2022 Thursday Points Races

The 2022 Thursday Night Points races started on Thursday May 12th. There is still plenty of time to sign up for the season.

There will not be a race June 30th. It is our 4th of July break. We'll be racing again on July 7th.
It's good to see the students out running with us again...and leading the pack. Check our Facebook page for any updates and pictures from the cookout!

06/23/2022 Runner Results and Points
06/16/2022 Race Canceled
06/09/2022 Runner Results and Points
06/02/2022 Runner Results and Points

06/23/2022 Walker Results and Points
06/16/2022 Race Canceled
06/09/2022 Walker Results and Points
06/02/2022 Walker Results and Points
All races start in front of the Shadyside Recreation Area, 829 Alexandria Pike, Anderson IN. Walkers start at 5:30 p.m., Runners start at 6:00 p.m.

Refer to the Thursday Points Page for past results and all Thursday race information.

ARRC 2022 White River Run

White River Run Results:
5K Run
5K Walk
10K Run

2022 Road Series Races

The 2022 Road Series is being suspended for this year. The lack of participation and not knowing what races are actually going to occur has lead the Board to decide to suspend. Please continue to support local races when you can to help keep them alive.

2022 Tuesday Kids Fun Run

The Roady Racer 2022 season will be April 19-July 19 for a 13 week program and Finale. July 19 will be the Season Finale award and pizza party. Stephanie Crosby & Tammy Bennet will be this year’s Directors with Tom Corda & Doug Rose being lead timers and equipment transport/set-up/tear down crew. We have had great volunteers in the past for other roles needed to facilitate the evening. Please let us know if you would like to help. Last year we averaged 85 kids a week with over 100 some weeks! Please sign your child up at Roady Racers Fun Run ( There is no cost, our insurance requires a waiver to be signed and it streamlines assimilating information for the spreadsheets to record times. You can now sign your child up at Roady Racers Fun Run ( Each week a child attends still earns them 1 chance to win a bicycle. Each child has the possibility of earning 11 chances. There will be a signup sheet for individually wrapped snacks each week. Parents, please bring water bottles for your families. We are anticipating another outstanding year of families coming together and fostering a love of running for a healthy lifestyle with the children. Run to Live, Live to Run, Run for Fun


2022 ARRC Run the Mounds Race

The 2022 Run the Mounds Race will be on Sunday November 6th. Registration is open.

Thank you to all the 2022 race participants and volunteers! The weather was great! It did attract many people out to the park, which added to some parking congestion.  Race photos and a video will be added to our Facebook page, when available.
The Run the Mounds Race Results:
5 Mile Run (updated 11/10/2021)
5K Walk (updated 11/8/2021)
5K Run

2022 Membership

RunSignUpMembershp registration for 2022 is now available. Register online or use the printed registration form.

When registering online, the Registration fee and the Thursday Points race fee have been combined to simpify the registration process. The Road Series registration is still a separte process.

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