Last update 9/8/2020
Here is the September October Pacer!

2020 White River Run Results

Feel free to share photos you took at the event - don't forget to use our hashtag on social media! #WeRunAndersonIN Thank you for participating in the 2020 White River Run. We hope you'll join us for the 2020 Run the Mounds!

ARRC Run the Mounds Race

Sunday November 1, 2020: Enjoy a scenic trail run through Mounds State Park, along the river, and by the ancient Adena Indian Mounds. You can choose a 5 mile run, a 5K run or a 5K Walk. Go to RunSignUp for more information and to sign up.

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COVID-19 Developments

2020 ARRC Season & Membership Information

Thank you for your patience waiting to learn how the Anderson Road Runners Club is moving forward with COVID-19.

Our biggest challenge has been determining the best way to get back to walking and running together in a safe manner while connecting and supporting each other.

As the veil of caution is slowly being lifted, we are able to resume some of our club activities with significant modifications.

Please be mindful of other club members and the protocols we are putting in place as COVID-19 is still looming out there.

Together we can pursue our common goals and show our strength and fortitude.

Season Details

·        Pre-season dates are June 11, June 18 and June 25

o   Walkers start at 5:30 PM

o   Runners start at 6:00 PM

·        Regular season is Thursdays from July 9 through October 8 (14 weeks)

·        No walk or run on July 2 - enjoy celebrating Independence Day with your family

·        2 for 1 season - all membership fees paid this year will cover and include both the 2020 and the 2021 seasons

·        No ribbons will be handed out this year on Thursdays

·        You are encouraged to wear a face mask before and after the run/walk

·        Please keep a safe distance when providing your time at the table

·        Restrooms are NOW OPEN!

·        Water fountains will not be available; please bring your own water bottles

·        Refreshments will not be provided; please feel free to bring your own

·        Our annual award dinner will still celebrate our achievements. We will focus on participation, season improvements, overcoming health obstacles, and Personal Records rather than Age-Group and Perfect Attendance awards.

News: Two Ways You Can Participate

Traditional Format - for those ready to gather in a group with social distancing measures

·        Please keep in mind, this is unchartered territory for our club and we will do what is necessary to begin the runs in an organized responsibly distanced fashion.

·        Depending on the number of members that attend, we may implement a staggered start and/or self-seeding in addition to the markers

·        The clock will be available for those that don’t use personal timing devices

·        After the run begins, please use care when passing others

·        Finish your run or walk and provide your time at the table

Virtual Format for those who are not yet comfortable to gather in a group or have scheduling difficulties on Thursdays

You can still participate- here is how:

·        Walk or run the 2.64 Shadyside course any time before Thursday’s traditional format  (Friday through Thursday)

·        A log book will be placed near the Activity Center door overhang for you to record your name and your finish walk/run time

·        You may walk/run the course as many times as you like each week, just log your best time in the log book

·        Reporting and logging your time is “on your honor” using your own recording device

Road Series

Many of the Road Series races have been canceled; We will be discontinuing the Road Series this year and restarting in 2021.

Virtual Run Challenges

As a way to continue practicing social distancing as well as explore new areas of our City, we will be setting up Virtual Races. Stay tuned to the ARRC Facebook page for details. The challenges will span 2 weeks and take you to different locations to explore less frequented areas. There will be one winner per Virtual Race who will receive a $25 gift card to a local business.


Strava is a user friendly web and mobile app that the Club is encouraging members to use. Strava has a club feature we can use to connect and support each other. Search for the Anderson Road Runners Club on Strava!

Questions  If you have any questions or suggestion, please contact any of the ARRC Board.

President                                Tammy Bennett

Vice President                       Geoff Ginther

Secretary                                 Ella Carson

Treasurer                                 Doug Rose

Membership& Website         Tom Corda

Editor & Race Director         Greg Smith

At-Large                                  Carolyn McKinney

At-Large                                  Stephen Dearing

At-Large                                  Chuck Bennett

2020 Membership

RunSignUpMembershp registration for 2020 is now available and it includes both the 2020 and 2021 seasons. You are encouraged to register online to limit physical interaction. The printed registration form is still available. Please print it and fill it out at home to limit physical interaction.

When registering online, the Registration fee and the Thursday Points race fee have been combined to simpify the registration process. The Road Series registration is still a separte process.

Road Series Races

The 2020 Road Series has been cancelled. Refer to the 2020 Season information above.

Thursday Points Race

Reference the 2020 Season information above.

2019 Results:
2019 Runner Race Results Summary
2019 Walker Race Results Summary


ARRC Annual Award Banquet and Meeting

The ARRC Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting was held on Saturday February 1st. The March April Pacer will provide a summary of the meeting and award winners. The election for the 2020 ARRC Club Officers took place at the meeting. Here are the officers for 2020.

President: Tammy Bennett
Vice-President: Geoff Ginther
Treasurer: Doug Rose:
Secretary: Ella Carson
Pacer Editor: Greg Smith
Membership Chairman: Tom Corda
At-large: Carolyn Mckinney
At-large: Stephen Dearing
At-large: Chuck Bennett

Run the Mounds 2019 Results


Tuesday Kids Fun Run

Check the 'We Are Roady' Face Book page for updates. The start of the Tuesday fun run has been postponed at least through June.